Benefits of Dip Nails and FAQ

Let’s be honest the best feeling in the world is having a fresh set of beautiful manicured nails. When it comes to chip free manicure, dip nails are worth a try!

Grey matte dip

What is a Dip Nail?

Dip nails is a combination of a brushed resin (glue) followed with a powder. A nail technician, preps the surface, brushes resin on to the nail base and proceeds to dip the nail in powder, hence where the name comes from.

How long does the service take?

The approximately time allowed for the service is 45-60 mins. Average cost is $45 at a salon.

Variety of dip colors

Do I have a color choice with Dip Nails?

Yes. The color for dip nails comes from the powder, leaving the resin coated with the color of choice. The color can be clear, French, to any color of the rainbow, so please check with the salon to ensure they have a variety of colors to choose from when calling or setting your appointment.

Can I do a fill on a Dip Nail?

No. Fills are used in the service for acrylics. Acrylics can be filled at the base towards the back of the nail, where as a dip service is a consistent resin coat over the whole nail.  

In rare cases where you use the same color and or clear can the product be filed and reapply the same color, yet there can be lifting from the natural nail as glue or resin can peel away from the nail over time so a new application is recommended every 3 to 4 weeks.

What do I do prior to my appointment?

            To save time you can soak off the product. Using these five easy steps.

 1.) Buff the surface of the dip product with a rough file.

 2.) apply acetone to a cotton ball, make sure it is saturated.

 3.) place the saturated acetone cotton ball on a finger.

 4.) wrap it with aluminum foil strip (1.5-inch x 1.5 inch) and wait 15 mins.  

 5.) remove the foil and cotton ball and immediately scrap off the old material with metal cuticle pusher.

Do I have to soak off the nail every time?

            No. The nail tech can file the resin off the nail or soak it for you.

Can I add length to a dip nail if my nails are not long enough?

            Yes. A tip can be placed on the nail prior to the dip process and may add and additional cost. However, you will be able to shape the nail to your liking; such as oval, square, pointed, rounded or even coffin shape.

What are some benefits to getting dip nails?

            The benefits of dip nail are the speed of getting the service is usually shorter in time, but last up to 4 weeks. The added strength is good support for regular nails for people who need assistance in maintaining their nails when working in water and are tough on their nails. Some say it is stronger than gel and last like acrylic and no UV light is necessary for the service.

Black dip with Halloween images.

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What about Lash Extensions?

When looking for lash extensions, cheapest is not always your best alternative when dealing with lash extensions. Lash extensions are an investment in yourself and is a repeat service completed regularly.

When you first get lash extensions be sure your technician has been properly trained. Also ask how long they have been doing lash extensions is helpful to know, with experience comes knowledge.

Lashes last a few weeks depending on the lash shedding cycle, care and products the lashes are exposed too. Lash extensions are usually put on lash to lash. Now there can be more than one lash per original lash, but be sure that your technician has been trained on fanning or mega lashes. If the lash gets too heavy it can break and cause breakage to the lash. Experience is key, so check for reviews on previous clients.

When you first arrive to your appointment be sure not to wear make up on or around your eye. It is best for adhesion and gives more time for the technician to work on lashing and not cleaning. You will discuss the look you pick for your lashes, there are several to pick from so be sure to discuss which is the best fit for your eye set.

Common style looks are named starting at the top: classic, open, doll or cat.

Top to bottom styles:
1. Classic 2. Open 3. Doll 4. Cat

It is common to fill out a release form upon arrival and be sure to read and acknowledge the risks. If you have any allergies to resin in the past this would not be a good service for you. You would also want to get a patch test on the few corner lashes to see if you can wear lash be placed behind the ear to see if you have any reactions.

Fills are usually required every two weeks or three depending on how soon they are needed. Note the more lashes per fill the bigger the price. An average fill can run $45 – $80, depending on lashes needed, facility and experience of technician.

First 24 hours after lashes:

  • Do not get lashes wet for 4-6 hours.
  • Do not use a spa, sauna or pool for the first 24 hours. The extensions need that amount of time to properly bond.
  • Do not touch, or mess with lashes.

Between fills:

  • If a lash has turned, use your lash wand to correct it.
  • Use oil-free products around lash area.
  • Do not use eyelash curlers with your extensions. With proper application you will not need them.
  • Clean lashes regularly to prevent oil and dirt build up. Clean lashes are happy lashes.
  • Let lashes air dry, and brush regularly.
  • Avoid mascara.
  • If you must, use extension safe mascara.

A full set of lash extensions can make the appearance of your own lashes about 30-50% thicker,
and make your lashes appear 20-50% longer.

Lashes are a wonderful way to brighten up your eyes and great for weddings, pictures or just to give your eyes a lift.

Happy Lashing.

Christy Hogan

You can find Christy @Posh by Christy

Best Direction to Face Your Desk

With times changing and more people working from home, you may ask yourself which direction to place my desk, where I should do my work. Studies show getting your kid to do their homework out of their bedroom for higher performance can help.

The top 3 places people like to do their work are #1 the kitchen table; this is the right solution for people who don’t mind a few distractions and want to spread their work. #2 Couch Laptop is a comfy place to get the right to work as long as you are not too comfortable and slip off to sleep. #3 Deck or patio, sunshine is a great place, and the outdoors’ quiet gives an excellent outlet to feel connected and productive at work.

No matter what location you are choosing, facts point to your best performance when you face the East. Your brain function and mental performance show that the neurons’ firing patterns in the thalamus (regulates sensory information and awareness) are significantly different depending on the direction you are facing. These studies are based on MSV (Maharishi Sthapatya Veda), it states the nervous system cells detect the body’s position. The next best place to face when wanting to be most productive is the north. West and South are the least productive directions, according to cutting-edge research in neuroscience.

So if you are struggling with concentration, when you are about to do a Zoom interview or need to get to work, think about facing the real East. Paying attention to what position you are facing can get you your best results.


lashes with mask
Lashes possible during COVID.

Feeling stressed on if you should get your lashes back. Don’t worry, with constant cleaning and extra precautions getting lashes now is still an option. Proper cleaning protocols, using Barbacide to clean instruments, extra virus disinfectants, gloves, and masks, worn by client and the administrator can see that your health is taken seriously.

Now more than ever, your eyes are the center of focus with everyone wearing masks. Masks should be secure laying firmly around the nose and not allow moisture to enter under the eye area. The best type of mask to wear are those that have a wire form at the top, similar to disposables masks that can shape to the nose.

Do not use mascara to get the best results from your lash extensions and brush daily and use only oil-free make-up removers. Keep hands away from rubbing your eyes especially now more than ever.

What to expect? The table in which you are seated will be disinfected before and after your arrival. The administrator will use gloves, and mask along with a apron or lab coat.

What we expect? Please come with your mask on upon arrival. Please wash your hands and or use hand sanitizer upon arrival. Do not touch your mask, eyes, nose, and mouth. When you get done with your service we ask you to wash your hands and or use hand sanitizer as clients will tend to touch surfaces in the salon.

Please reschedule if you feel any symptoms or are not feeling well. I understand there are allergies, be sure that it is not any reason that could bring sickness to others.

Schedule your lash refills as usual to get the best results.

Clear Skin Regimen

With COVID-19 we find ourselves wearing masks, and during the time we have them on, bacteria and moisture sit on the surface of our skin. This can cause unwanted acne and mild irritation, and to combat this issue I suggest to follow this easy to follow regimen.

Morning: Wash Sal-X Exfoliating Cleanser, Skin Restoring Fulvic Elixer, Oxygen Treatment Cream and add Anti-aging wrinkle cream with Photo-age Environmental Protection Gel

Night: Sal-X Exfoliate Wash, Skin Restoring Fulvic Elixir, Arnica-Healing Cream and can add Anti-wrinkle cream.

Follow the link below for print out of product and instructions.


More skin care kits available HERE.

Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrows can be tinted to match your hair color, or darkened to see them better.

I personally have blonde eyebrows and tint them every 4 or 5 weeks.

Does it take long? No. It only takes about 15 mins. due to we are depositing color and the longer you keep it on, the darker it usually looks. I like it because it even stains the skin under the hair and gives a darker look. Eventually after a day or so the skin lightens up, but does give great color below the hair. The hair on the eyebrow will retain color for several weeks.

I would recommend to wax after coloring your eyebrows due to the fact all the small hairs will then show up and you want to give a good clean look and shape to the brows. Add eyebrow tinting to your monthly services, it is well worth the time and money. Eyebrow tinting is a great way to give a pick me up to your look.

Eyebrow tinting

Kansas 1.5 reopening

If you’ve been wondering what’s going on in Kansas in the beauty industry governor Kelly has allowed hairstylist to go back to work Monday, May 18th as planned. This comes with extra precautions such as, there is no more than 10 people; this means no more than 5 workers and customers in a facility. She also asked that both the hair stylist, nail technician, or service provider wear a mask at all times and the client as well. Customers must have pre-set appointment and are asked to wait in their car until it is time for your appointment. Some salons are even taking temperatures to add an additional layer of security. You can read the full article at KSNT NEWS.