lashes with mask
Lashes possible during COVID.

Feeling stressed on if you should get your lashes back. Don’t worry, with constant cleaning and extra precautions getting lashes now is still an option. Proper cleaning protocols, using Barbacide to clean instruments, extra virus disinfectants, gloves, and masks, worn by client and the administrator can see that your health is taken seriously.

Now more than ever, your eyes are the center of focus with everyone wearing masks. Masks should be secure laying firmly around the nose and not allow moisture to enter under the eye area. The best type of mask to wear are those that have a wire form at the top, similar to disposables masks that can shape to the nose.

Do not use mascara to get the best results from your lash extensions and brush daily and use only oil-free make-up removers. Keep hands away from rubbing your eyes especially now more than ever.

What to expect? The table in which you are seated will be disinfected before and after your arrival. The administrator will use gloves, and mask along with a apron or lab coat.

What we expect? Please come with your mask on upon arrival. Please wash your hands and or use hand sanitizer upon arrival. Do not touch your mask, eyes, nose, and mouth. When you get done with your service we ask you to wash your hands and or use hand sanitizer as clients will tend to touch surfaces in the salon.

Please reschedule if you feel any symptoms or are not feeling well. I understand there are allergies, be sure that it is not any reason that could bring sickness to others.

Schedule your lash refills as usual to get the best results.

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